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Making Drawers Quick and Easy

I’ve been making drawers for many years and sometimes it is not in the budget for handcut dovetail drawers.  Here I show how to quickly make drawers using baltic birch and pocket hole construction for undermount slides.  I include some tips and hacks that make the entire process very fast. Enjoy!

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  1. Danny Hellyar

    Hello Scott, Glad to see your not a wood snob when it comes to making drawers !I too usually make my drawer boxes out of the 1/2 prefinished Baltic birch. It just makes for a nice clean , sturdy , light weight box. So many ways to make those joints. I’ve used tongue and dado, butt joint with screws from the side, drawer box bit on the router table, and even screws from the front into the sides. That last method I mentioned I route the front edge of the inside of the sides , back and front, leaving only about a 1/16 or 32nd of an inch left to cover the end grain of the ply, then I use glue and 1 inch No. 6 screws countersunk. That method actually works fairly well as long as you pre-drill the holes with 1/8 inch drill bit, otherwise the plys will split. I do like the your pocket screw method though. I’ll have to try that as I just got the Kreg Micro block, for my Kreg pocket screw jig, that’s for use in making the pocket holes in 1/2 inch stock. Thanks for sharing ! Also enjoyed your video on Wendalls shop ! Sorry for his loss ! So are you still going to manage his shop or is that all up in the air now?

    • Comment by post author

      Your drawer method sounds interesting, haven’t tried that one. I do think the pocket is the fastest and I haven’t had a failure yet.

      I have since moved on from Wendell’s, and they have plenty of models to work from
      good luck and thanks

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