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On line courses

Mold making and resin casting for beginners

This two hour online course will cover all the basics along with some tips and tricks to create a mold and cold metal bronze casting in less than 20 minutes.

Live Demo – Introduction to Veneering

Making an Exotic Chess Board

Sunday July 5th 11 AM – 12:30 PM EST

Payment system coming soon

Connecting to the live broadcast is simple with one click additional fees. required.

Scott Grove, internationally-renowned master craftsman and veneer specialist demonstrates how to create a chess board using exotic veneer and simple hand-cutting techniques. This project is an easy introduction to the wonderful world of veneer. He will cover fundamentals like buying and inspecting leaves of veneer; cutting and seaming techniques; additional parquetry patterns; and a bunch of tips and tricks. During the live demonstration, his on-line co-host helps organize questions and links in real time, too.

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