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Resource List

Aeromarine Epoxy                                                                                              

Alumilite – casting supplies, UV resin, mica                                       

Arizona Silhouette- pen/turning supplies at

Blufixx – light activated resin                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

C.C. Silver & Gold Inc. – metal wire                                                         

Captain Tolleys Creeping Crack Sealer – low viscosity PVA glue       

Chromacraft – spin gems synthetic inlay material, glitter,                    

Craft Supplies USA  – tools and supplies                                            

Craft Supplies/woodturners catalog – Inlace inlay, mica

De Paule Supply luthier supply                                                                   

Dover Designs – wood inlay stripes, purfling                                                                                  

Drill Technology – micro router bits                                            

Duke of Pearl – mother of pearl, abalone sheets                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Easy Inlay crushed mother of pearl, opal, paua abalone, calcite

Easywoodtools negative rake carbide turning                                            


Envirotex Epoxy

Fiberglass Supply – composite supplies, UV resin

Fiberglast Supply

Finishing Systems casting pressure pots                                                                                       

Fossil Age Minerals – mineral stones                                                         

Freeman Supply – foundry supplies, pattern wax

Frugal Vacuum Chuck                                                                        

GluBoost CA glue                                                                                                               

Gramercy Veneering tools                                   

Grizzly Industrial – tools, metal powders                                                                         

Hafele commercial – cabinetry hardware                                                                

Harey Tool – micro route bits                                                                                                                    

Imagine Grove – X-large template guide and offset router base

Jamestown Distributors                                                                                    www.jamestowndistributors                  

Joewoodworker – DIY vaccum pumps, veneering supplies                                                                                    

Klingsapor’s Woodworking Shop                                                                            

LMII – Luthier supply, purling                                                                                         


Mase CraftSupply

Micro mark micro drill bits

Microfence – precision router base

Minerals – Calcite stones                                                                                                                      

MDI Wood Carving Supply

Modelexpo  – model makers supply

Mosterslayer – gemstones, metal wire                                                                          

Muzzle LoaderSupply .008-.014 x.055                                                     

Noble Associates – turning faceplates, pumps

Outwater Plastics – cabinetry hardware                                            

Packard woodworks Supply – turning supplier                                                    

Parson Adhesive – Parlite CA                                                                                

Pegus Scroll Saw blades                                                                   

PenState Supply woodturning                                                                                        

Polymere Composites       casting resin, mold compound       

Polytek – mold and casting supplies                                                                                                  \

Preservation Solutions                                                                            

Raka Epoxy

Recue Pearl

Reynolds – mold and casting supplies, ancillary supplies                                                                                             

Rightrocks – gemstones                                                                                               

Rio Grande – jewelry supply, metal wire

Sepp Leaf – metal leaf, mica powders                                                                                                   

Silicones Inc                                                                                                               

Smooth-On – mold and casting supplies, mica & bronze powders             

Solarez  UV cure resin

Spiral Craft                             

Starbond CA- full line of CA glues                                                       

Stewmac – Luthier supply, purfling,                                                  

System Three epoxy                                                                                  

Tapp Plastics epoxy                                                                                             

TB Hagstroz – metal wire                                                                                                                   

Ted Pella – scalpels                                                          

Think & Tinker – micro router bits, shell cutter, engraving                                                                                               

TiteBond – glue, CA                                                                                                    

TMI– stick fast CA                                                                                               

TurnTex Woodworks- Stabilization resin system available

Uline Supply- packing, double sided tape                                             

VacuPress – vacuum pumps and bags                                                                                               

Veneer Systems veneering supplies                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Veritas – fine woodworking tools                                              

West System – epoxy                                                                                 

Wood Carvers Supply – tools, chisels                                                                         

Wood n whimsies – turning supplies                                                                                 

Woodturners Warehouse                                                                             

Wurth / Baer – cabinetry hardware                                            

Yorkshire Grit – polishing compound                               

Zap Zpoxy – epoxy                                                                                                    

Reference resources

Fine Woodworking Master Class article on Cold Metal Casting;  Sept. – Oct 2015

Instructors for inlay techniques; Marc Adams School of Woodworking:

Scott Grove, John Koch, Stephen Hatcher, Mike Dubber, Paul Schurch, Mark Hedin, Grit Laskin, Michael Fortune, Mark Adams

Zac Higgins – resin casting 101

The beginner guide to resin casting

Resin Blank Casting Pod Cast                                                                                                           

Paul Schurch – marquetry patterns

ImagineGrove – Presenters Youtube channel – educational site with how to videos on inlay, castings, composites links to specific products and tools used during demonstration

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