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Spiral Veneer Box Making Part 2 of 2

spiral match veneer

Here I show how to make a keepsake box using a router and miter-fold method allowing for the veneer pattern to waterfall over the edge of the box. For tools and supplier resource please visit; here

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  1. Frank Barker

    Very nice work.
    I have question if you have time to answer I would appreciate it.
    How thin of material and how thick of material can you use?

  2. Beautiful work! Is the Advanced Veneering book hardcover or paperback?

  3. Fred


    How many sheets of veneer did it take to make the box. I would like to try your technique. Would one flitch be enough. I suspect that the waste factor is quite high. I love your videos and have ordered two of your books.

    • Comment by post author

      I didn’t keep track and it is tough to say. It all depends on the quality of the sapwood line and how much of it in relation to the the heartwood. I’d say a min of 4x factor is a start. Often, suppliers will have the veneer photographed and I can guesstimate from that calculating how many inches of sapwood I need. Typically there is plenty of heartwood leftover.
      good luck and please keep me posted. FYI – I will be starting a live veneering series. IF, you have signed up for my free news letter, you will get an announcement. I will be covering my spiral technique down the road.

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