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Tools for Classes

Suggested Hand Tools for Veneering Class

* Are required

 Masking tape

blue is good,

yellow is betterer

*Tracing paper good, clear Mylar is bester

Tracing paper

Mylar – 20” x 12’ x .005 clear

*Dry erase marker – fine point – unless you are from Arizona

*Fine tip permanent marker

*Carbon paper

*White pencil (A MUST) or steal one from Michael Forturne

*Utility knife (break off) and/or fine exactor knife

Utility knife (break off)



Straightedge – 12” min. We can easily make our own out of MDF and get by. No worries



*Card Cabinet Scraper

Inlay cutter groove cutter .025,250,43298,43314,69873,69875

Double inlay knife,250,43298,43314

Veneer saw

Veneer roller

Steel – my preference

Veneer Hammer

Veneer tape– (preference – 34 gram white, non-perforated)

40 gram, no hole, tan

White, no hole

Veneer tape dispenser – we can quickly make one

Veneer iron or house iron

*Flat chisel – 1” or set

*Safety glasses

Cutting matt
12” x 18”

18” x 24”


Compass set

Glue brush
Set ½”, 1”, 1-1/2”, 2”

*Rotary cutting tool (Dremel) or equivocate (Foredom) with metal cutting burr – or a ~1/4” rat tail file will get you buy if you don’t own one of these tools.


Dremel Router Base

Dremel Router Plunge Base


Motor Hanger

Rotary Burr Set

Rat Tail File

*Ballpeen hammer (regular hammer will work)

Other power tools that will be helpful but not necessary –

Artist pallet knife – any shape

Magnifying visor


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