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  1. Philip Noto

    After watching one of you videos i decided to try making an inlay using mother of pearl. I watched you mix calcite with mother of pearl and you said it will accept dyes. Will mother of pearl alone accept dyes?

  2. Randy Jones

    Do you sell a kit with resin and MOP and that natural stone coldinite? whatever ?
    I’m doing a chess board and I want to inlay “strips” around the squares. Do you have to use the black veneer you used in the spiral you did or can it lay/bond right to the wood?

  3. Randy Jones

    Ok I found your kits. Lol. I’m amazed and fascinated with this. I think I’ve just found a whole new way to spend thousands of dollars this year. Lmao

  4. Beth S Kenyon

    Hi Scott-

    I am wondering if you sold the course on Butterfly, Beetle & Dragonfly Inlay. You showed it on line back in January but I wasn’t available.

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