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Butterfly Inlay


Butterfly inlay

  1. glue image of butterfly to 1/4″ MDF or hardboard
  2. Calculate template guide and router bit offset
  3. sketch offset around butterfly wing
  4. cut out enlarged wing pattern
  5. route out upper and lower wing pockets 1/8″ deep, flip template and route 2nd set of wings
  6. seal pocket with 25% shellac / 75% alcohol
  7. fill void with black resin epoxy or urethane
  8. Sand flush
  9. cutout wings and glue over casting
  10. router inner wing pattern
  11. fill void with epoxy dyed blue with crushed mother of pearl easyinlay.com
  12. place crushed mother of pearl
  13. sand flush
  14. sketch body and router out pocket
  15. mix epoxy with brass key filings
  16. add opal eyes
  17. sand flush
  18. scribe in silver antennae (not shown)
  19. scratch wing veins and fill with black wax (not shown)
  20. finish with clear lacquer
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