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Mother of Pearl Spiral Inlay in Wood Turning

Using crushed Mother of pearl from Easy Inlay with black veneer and paua shell in Claro Walnut to create a spiral inlay effect.

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  1. John OBrien

    Hi Scott
    Great looking bowl. But it is unclear to me how you cut the spiral groove for the black stringing. Looks like you hog out the whole inlay (maybe 1.5″) about 1/8″ deep on the lathe. But then. how do you cut the spiral grove inside this space accurately for the black stringing? I dont get the concept behind the spacer blocks either, and what they were used for. I guess I am thick eh? Can you explain a bit further? Thanks so much!

    • John,
      I turned out the entire void, then glue black veneer stringing on edge to create the spiral black lines. The simply filled in the rest of the void and … wait for it….inlay made easy! hope this helps.

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